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Official Service Centre for Stahlwille calibrators

As an already-established Stahlwille official service centre, Metron announces that with immediate effect it has now become a Stahlwille approved and active centre not only for normal SCS calibration but also for fine tuning of calibrators for torque wrenches.

SCS calibration is also available for all the other brands (Norbar, Gedore, Torqueleader, etc).

New accreditation areas (June 2017)

METRON proudly announces that this year too has seen its laboratory offer increase. In the audit performed in March, the Swiss accreditation service SAS, in collaboration with the Metas primary measuring institute, approved and accredited calibration of a further 15 new measurements:

Lengths laboratory

  • Circularity (with roundness measurement instrument)
  • NIHS thread gauges
  • Plain ring gauges from 0.4 mm to 400 mm
  • Plain gauges and plugs from 0.05 mm to 400 mm
  • Thread gauges from M1.2 to M300
  • Gauge blocks from 100 to 1000 mm
  • General improvement in measuring accuracy

Torque laboratory

  • Calibrators for torque wrenches (0.001Nm – 3000Nm)

Electrical laboratory

  • Current transducers
  • Improvement in precision for AC/DC current generators
  • Improvement in precision for resistance simulators and decade resistance boxes
SCS calibrations, now for the first time at your facility

METRON is pleased to announce that our measuring and logistics service has been approved by the Swiss accreditation body for the performing of SCS accredited calibrations, including at the customer’s own facility.
We have received immediate accreditation for carrying out on-site SCS calibrations at your subsidiary for the following measurements:

  • Length (callipers, micrometers, gauges, rings, marble planes, EDM/CNC machines, vertical/horizontal measuring instruments, etc.)
  • Torque (torque wrenches and screwdrivers, calibrators for torque wrenches)
  • Electrical (AC/DC voltage and current meters, AC/DC voltage or current generators, oscilloscopes, decade resistance boxes, current clamps, etc.)
New automatic calibrator with CMM chamber for dial indicators calibration

Metron announces that it has bought a new master for control of dial indicators, approved by Metas.

Thanks also to a novel measuring system with automated reading using OCR software and videocameras, from now on all dial indicators present on the market can be calibrated and certified more thoroughly and accurately.

We have also adopted all necessary modifications to meet the new DIN standard for control of analog axial dial indicators.

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SCS-accredited independent laboratory for the parameters Length, Torque and Electric Current.
About Us
SCS-accredited independent laboratory for the parameters Length, Torque and Electric Current.
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