Laser marking

Our laser marking service can be useful or necessary in the following cases:

  • Writing a unique serial number when a tool has not got one, making it therefore impossible to associate the calibration certificate to the instrument in question
  • Customising tools, according to customer specifications, with serial numbers or the user's name

In terms of applying labels, laser marking is indelible - also in extreme conditions (dirt, grease, heat) - and precise, as the writing is clear and with distinct figures.

Centro di servizio ufficiale Mecmesin

Siamo l'unico centro di taratura e riparazione ufficiale autorizzato Mecmesin per centro europa.
Per tutti i prodotti Mecmesin (dinamometri, banchi di test, sensori di coppia) possiamo effettuare la taratura SCS, messa in punto e riparazioni.

Grazie al grande stock di pezzi di ricambio possiamo offrire taratura e riparazione in tempi brevi.

Official Stahlwille service centre

We are an authorised Stahlwille service centre for Switzerland. In addition to calibration operations, therefore, we can also repair all Stahlwille products, such as torque wrenches, ratchet shell tools, torque multipliers, etc.

All spare parts are held in stock, which allows us to perform repairs quickly.

Centro di servizio ufficiale TRIMOS

Siamo centro di riparazione ufficiale TRIMOS per misuratori di altezza.

Oltre che la taratura SCS, possiamo quindi offrire anche il servizio di manutenzione e riparazione in tempi brevi.

Service and repair

Through the long-standing experience of our engineers, we can repair various types of instrumentation locally. This saves unnecessary costs of shipment abroad and enables the continued use of old equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer.

We specialise in repairing AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES laser measurement instruments, such as Head Lasers, Laser Displays, Air Sensors, Material Sensors, Acquisition Boards, etc.

Instrument rentals

We possess a series of tools that we can make available to companies who wish to make their own measurements.

Some examples:

  • Agilent Interferometer Laser Measurement Kit (Linear, Straightness, Angular)
  • Mechanical geometry tools (Cylinder, Parallel Line, Square Ruler)
  • Temperature and humidity data-logger
  • VNA Network Analyzer
  • Data Acquisition Unit

Contact us for any further instrumentation.

Advice and sales

The knowledge gained over many years of activity in the field of metrology today translates into a set of services designed to provide companies with targeted solutions that rapidly and accurately meet their dimensional control requirements.

In collaboration with our "network of partners" - suppliers of measurement instruments - we are in a position to find the right solution to your needs.

You may also avail of our targeted metrological and technology advice in any cases of doubt or uncertainty.

Metrology courses

We organise specific metrology courses meeting the needs of customers. We are happy to share our knowledge, so as to improve the business processes of our customers.

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